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A catalyst for conversation

While traveling in Philadelphia I found a little Café to have lunch. In the dining area there were two other people sitting separately a few tables over. One of the guys had a little dog that he brought into the café with him. There was aloud noise, and I looked up to see that the […]
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Adapting for your passion

My Australian Shepherd, Bubbles, is a frisbee fanatic. Besides eating and cuddling, good living IS frisbee. Recently, she injured one of her legs, which has made jumping to catch the frisbee more difficult. I suggest lots of other ways to play, but if it isn’t frisbee, it isn’t happening. So, we have adapted. I have […]
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Thoughts on the Psychology of Loyalty

Have you ever wondered what drives your loyalty to a particular cultural organisation? Is it the quality of the art it creates? How the people there treat you? Tradition? It’s likely that all of these are factors play a part, as well as – most importantly – how the organisation and experiences make you feel […]
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