Demand Club™

Demand Club™

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Cultural spaces everywhere have seen a huge drop in demand for in-person performances and exhibits. Twenty percent capacity isn’t going to cut it. I know you understand why audiences are fearful. But you hate to see those empty seats.

We all have a couple of choices. We can sit and wait for demand to trickle back in, or we can do something to actively restore demand.

Welcome to a little program I’m calling Demand Club

The goal of Demand Club is to move your needle to restore demand to in-person performances. This is how we do it:

Demand Club

  • Runs from November 7, 2021 to January 31, 2022
  • Creates a small group of non-competitive leaders at the Exec./Artistic/Managing Director level, who collaborate for 90 minutes every two weeks, to accountably help each other drive demand
  • Makes space for you and your staff to design and execute experiments, report on results, and learn (and implement) the results of other organizations
  • Allows your peers to review your plans to maximize impact and minimize confusion
  • Shares resources (Covid communications, scenario planning documents, etc.) to save you and your teams’ time
  • Discusses consumer trends and explores how to adapt them to your situation
  • Celebrates your hits, supports your misses, and creates peace of mind that you’re specifically applying resources to restore and increase your in-person demand, as you help other organizations to do the same

I want this to be accessible to any organization. So, I’m making this program Pay What You Can. The suggested fee is $2,500; any amount is acceptable. If you want to do focus your efforts and do something about those empty seats, reply to this email or reach me at with your interest. We start the week of November 7.

We’re stronger together. Let’s do this.   

Let’s discuss the challenges you are facing, and make a plan today. 

“Thank you so much! This is all such fantastic work. I love that there could be really concrete (and sometimes simple) fixes. I also love how the rating system as well as your presentation really challenged the grantees to think about their online marketing in terms of quantifiable measurements – something that I think they are not used to doing, but now with the technology are able to pretty easily. I am pleased to see CCF arts grantees already implementing suggestions and seeing results.”
Leslie Ito
Program Officer, California Community Foundation
“For his deep knowledge of marketing and the Internet (and where the two come together), his passion and commitment to his work, his natural gifts as a teacher and discussion moderator, his impressive connections in the field (through whom he continuously enriches his base of knowledge), and his all-around likable and generous demeanor, I give Ron my highest recommendation.”
Matthew Campbell
Director of External Relations, Stanford Lively Arts
"It was a pleasure learning from Ron's expertise and deep knowledge of marketing during the course of the ENGAGE: Arts and Marketing Social Media Workshop Series presented by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Ron went above and beyond as the program designer and spent time individually analyzing each participating organization's marketing channels while giving strategic insight and advice into each participant's work. What is especially great about learning from Ron is his passion for understanding and implementing CURRENT marketing trends. Many marketing companies tend to give out dated data; Ron not only gave current and relevant information, he allowed us insight into his studies. I highly recommend his services, and look forward to working with him in the future."
Carlos Rodriguez
Marketing Manager, Levitt Pavilions
“Your interactive presentation energized everyone and provided our members with great inspiration and new ideas and techniques about ways to engage their current and prospective audiences… Your framework for the different reasons people will commit to buy helped people think about transactions in a different way… Our entire team at CultureSource wishes to express our gratitude!”
Maud Margaret Lyon
Executive Director, CultureSource
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