Growth Opportunities

Strategic Advisory
I am most often engaged by clients as their trusted strategic advisor. In this role, I work with you to define the future outcomes you desire, and to make the best possible choices to get there. 

When there is a group involved, both the benefits and the challenges increase. My clients most often ask me to lead retreats and team work sessions in brainstorming new programs and revenue streams, building stakeholdership with partners…

If you want to learn the basics, I am happy to suggest good resources, but my special topic seminars are not for the basics. My seminars are advanced opportunities for you to not only upgrade your knowledge, but to completely disrupt your perspective.

Bespoke Projects
One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is the variety of interesting projects that bring me on board. I am often asked to advise in areas such as the design of new programs, new technology implementation, large-scale behavior change experiments, marketing rollouts…

Typical Client Results

  • Increased positive brand perception: When you are an object of interest, new supporters are drawn to you.
  • Increased revenues: Programs that were limping along start generating real revenue.
  • Increased philanthropic support: Donors give on the first ask, not the seventh.
  • Increased customer loyalty & engagement: Evangelism is fueled by deepening emotional connections.
  • Reduced “churn”: You finally stop hemorrhaging customers.
  • Challenged and engaged staff: Staff are reenergized and full of suggestions they can’t wait to try.
  • Increased organizational self-sufficiency: As your need for outside support reduces, so do your stress levels.
  • Enhanced understanding of environmental trends: You see what’s coming, and pivot your strategies seamlessly.
  • Reduced risk in strategic decision-making: Choices seem much easier, and success more easily obtained.
  • Reduced fear of change: Your staff sees the benefits of upcoming changes, and encourages them.

I am passionate about improving the condition of organizations and individuals, and have worked with hundreds of clients. A cornerstone of my love for this work is that each day brings a different challenge. What challenge are you struggling with?