Welcome! So, you’re looking to start an observation and experimentation plan at your organization? The first step is to use the best resource you have available to you: your network of people who work with your customers every day. They need to start recording the patterns and trends they are seeing, so you can discuss as a team, and create an action plan.

Below is a document I give to my clients to make this recording easier. Some people prefer to use Word documents and print them out (for example, to keep in the box office), others prefer recording ongoing updates in a Google Spreadsheet. I’ve included both. Just save a docx version for yourself, or make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet. Feel free to modify as you see fit.

Group of Minds Sample Behavioral Observation Form (.docx)

Group of Minds Sample Behavioral Observation Form (Google Sheets)

Questions about implementing your own plan? Get in touch.

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