Ron Evans' Revenue Sprint™

What’s the real secret of nonprofit marketing? All the patrons you need already know about you. Your organization has thousands of people on your email list, on social media, etc. But the vast majority aren’t responding. If they did, you’d be selling out several times over.
They don’t need more marketing from you. They need more motivation from you. 
Over an intense 90 days, I will personally work with you to shock your dormant supporters back into action. Specifically, I’ll be implementing my 4Rs Framework:

  • Repurchase: Implementing a system to influence first-time customers to buy a second time.
  • Resurrect: Waking up dormant customers who have experienced your offerings in the past, but have stopped responding. 
  • Recharge Urgency: Accelerating purchases from existing customers to lock them in and get you the cashflow now.
  • Reward Word-of-Mouth: Motivating your existing supporters to bring new people to you. 
Consider the long-term benefits of activating dormant supporters: additional earned revenue. Additional contributed revenue. Renewed buzz and interest. A reduced marketing workload and reallocation of effort to other profitable endeavors, to name a few. Are you ready?


“I’ve found that it’s so easy to be pulled into doing the things we’ve always done. It’s a faster way to do things, which is important when you’re “in the weeds.” Working with you pulls me out of that space, and gives me this great opportunity to think differently. To ask “Well.. why should we do it that way?” As a team, we're now constantly testing strategies. Rather than throwing spaghetti on the wall, we experiment, evaluate, keep what works, and stop doing what doesn’t, all with intention. By implementing your process, we're not only generating new revenue, we're deepening our relationships with our supporters."
Elizabeth Santana
Managing Director, Palo Alto Players
"Working with you has been provocative and extremely useful. While what we’ve learned and what you’ve shown us has stirred more activity and responsibility, it’s already showing, resulting in a more concerted and effective use of strategy toward greater involvement of the public and increased support, in every way."
Paul Meshejian
Artistic Director, Playpenn