special topic seminars

If you want to learn the basics, I’m happy to suggest good resources, but my special topic seminars are not for the basics. My seminars are advanced opportunities for you to not only upgrade your knowledge, but to completely disrupt your perspective. I program one-of-a-kind, interactive experiences in a variety of special disciplines that I’m personally interested in. If I love it, I’ll teach it. Access to my seminars is by invitation, or through a connection with a current or past client. Occasionally, I allow members of my email list to access specific seminars: if you would like to be considered, make sure you are signed up to my email list

"First, I preface my recommendation by saying that Ron's creative and intellectual work as both a leader and an educator is unparalleled in my experience working with a number of industry experts. His varied teaching methods are more energetic and innovative than most of the 1,000+ presenters that I have hired to speak over the last four years. Between our annual conference, localized marketing workshops, and webinars, I find Ron to be one of the most reliable, eloquent, and stellar public speakers; his natural ability to skillfully address audiences of all sizes with a lively presentation style filled with practical information reflects this."
Laura Kakolewski
Arts Marketing Manager, Americans for the Arts
"At Everyman & Playhouse, our mantra is “joy beyond expectation,” so your seminar on delight was ideal for our organization. The session was a real spur to action. You reminded us of why we want to delight our customers, gave us your framework, and shared ideas for how to evaluate our efforts. We are now in process of launching a new program, and we want to get it moving quite quickly. Great session! "
Sarah Ogle
Marketing & Communications Director, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
“Clearly, our organization does a very good job with customer service. But your seminar is another step beyond that. It’s about truly making a memorable experience for everybody, and figuring out how to intentionally look for ways to be delightful, above and beyond the standard of just satisfying customers. Thank you -- these are solid strategies!”
Kelley Lund
Development Assistant, WolfTrap Foundation for the Performing Arts