What People Are Saying

"Working with you has been provocative and extremely useful. While what we’ve learned and what you’ve shown us has stirred more activity and responsibility, it’s already showing, resulting in a more concerted and effective use of strategy toward greater involvement of the public and increased support, in every way."
Paul Meshejian
Artistic Director, Playpenn
"Thank you so much! This is all such fantastic work. I love that there could be really concrete (and sometimes simple) fixes. I also love how the rating system as well as your presentation really challenged the grantees to think about their online marketing in terms of quantifiable measurements – something that I think they are not used to doing, but now with the technology are able to pretty easily. I am pleased to see CCF arts grantees already implementing suggestions and seeing results.”
Leslie Ito
Program Officer, California Community Foundation
"Ron Evans is a GENIUS. Take a bow, Ron! You the bomb! Thank you for raising our game!!!"
Anne Younan
General Manager, City Lights Theater Company
"First, I preface my recommendation by saying that Ron's creative and intellectual work as both a leader and an educator is unparalleled in my experience working with a number of industry experts. His varied teaching methods are more energetic and innovative than most of the 1,000+ presenters that I have hired to speak over the last four years. Between our annual conference, localized marketing workshops, and webinars, I find Ron to be one of the most reliable, eloquent, and stellar public speakers; his natural ability to skillfully address audiences of all sizes with a lively presentation style filled with practical information reflects this."
Laura Kakolewski
Arts Marketing Manager, Americans for the Arts
“I’ve found that it’s so easy to be pulled into doing the things we’ve always done. It’s a faster way to do things, which is important when you’re “in the weeds.” Working with you pulls me out of that space, and gives me this great opportunity to think differently. To ask “Well.. why should we do it that way?” As a team, we're now constantly testing strategies. Rather than throwing spaghetti on the wall, we experiment, evaluate, keep what works, and stop doing what doesn’t, all with intention. By implementing your process, we're not only generating new revenue, we're deepening our relationships with our supporters."
Elizabeth Santana
Managing Director, Palo Alto Players
“Perhaps Ron Evans’ greatest strength is his ability to listen, which enabled him to come to a clear understanding of our particular needs. He keeps his finger on the pulse of public perception, and is always willing to share that often mysterious aspect of PR and Marketing. He understands, too, that solutions that fall outside our theater company’s ability to implement them are virtually useless; he’s suggested great strategies and solutions that are within our means (with regard to both financial and human resources) and that have reflected both our mission and our organization’s personality."
Lisa Mallette
Exec. Artistic Director, City Lights Theater Company
“Clearly, our organization does a very good job with customer service. But your seminar is another step beyond that. It’s about truly making a memorable experience for everybody, and figuring out how to intentionally look for ways to be delightful, above and beyond the standard of just satisfying customers. Thank you -- these are solid strategies!”
Kelley Lund
Development Assistant, WolfTrap Foundation for the Performing Arts
"At Everyman & Playhouse, our mantra is “joy beyond expectation,” so your seminar on delight was ideal for our organization. The session was a real spur to action. You reminded us of why we want to delight our customers, gave us your framework, and shared ideas for how to evaluate our efforts. We are now in process of launching a new program, and we want to get it moving quite quickly. Great session! "
Sarah Ogle
Marketing & Communications Director, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
"I’ve been fortunate to work with Ron Evans on several different projects. As a colleague, I have always been incredibly impressed with Ron’s in-depth arts marketing knowledge, his keen insights and his ability to present and make complex ideas accessible and understandable. Social media is an ever-evolving arena and Ron is a thought leader in the field. His expertise on social media trends and tools is invaluable to the artists and arts organizations he works with. I always look forward to collaborating with Ron, whether we are discussing a new project or developing a workshop for CCI. Ron is generous with his time and always brings new ideas and perspectives to the discussion. His workshops are excellent and he always receives outstanding evaluations from the people in the room."
Nancy Hytone-Leb
Director of Training, Center for Cultural Innovation
"Speaking to my mentor Ron Evans for the first time was extremely useful. The man is full of ideas and really hit home the point that this is an opportunity to experiment, to succeed or fail, which is something we rarely do as a part of daily work."
Richard White
Comms Coord., University of Cambridge Museums
“Your interactive presentation energized everyone and provided our members with great inspiration and new ideas and techniques about ways to engage their current and prospective audiences… Your framework for the different reasons people will commit to buy helped people think about transactions in a different way… Our entire team at CultureSource wishes to express our gratitude!”
Maud Margaret Lyon
Executive Director, CultureSource
“For his deep knowledge of marketing and the Internet (and where the two come together), his passion and commitment to his work, his natural gifts as a teacher and discussion moderator, his impressive connections in the field (through whom he continuously enriches his base of knowledge), and his all-around likable and generous demeanor, I give Ron my highest recommendation.”
Matthew Campbell
Director of External Relations, Stanford Lively Arts
"Ron has helped us select, purchase and implement a new CRM ticket and donor records system. He had quite a system in place to clarify our needs, screen through all the potential vendors, and force them to present their software in a way that would address our needs rather than tout their bells and whistles. I've worked with several consultants over the years and most of them frankly weren't worth the time or money we spent to have them help us. That is definitely not the case with Ron. I usually don't provide recommendations like this, so please keep that in the back of your mind!"
Brad Burdick
Executive Director, Mount Baker Theatre
"It was a pleasure learning from Ron's expertise and deep knowledge of marketing during the course of the ENGAGE: Arts and Marketing Social Media Workshop Series presented by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Ron went above and beyond as the program designer and spent time individually analyzing each participating organization's marketing channels while giving strategic insight and advice into each participant's work. What is especially great about learning from Ron is his passion for understanding and implementing CURRENT marketing trends. Many marketing companies tend to give out dated data; Ron not only gave current and relevant information, he allowed us insight into his studies. I highly recommend his services, and look forward to working with him in the future."
Carlos Rodriguez
Marketing Manager, Levitt Pavilions
“I’ve worked with Ron Evans and the Group of Minds staff for Ballet San Jose for the last half dozen productions we have mounted. Our online sales have grown, our email database is expanding, and I could not recommend him highly enough if you are looking for help in this area. He is also a wonderful resource on social media and a terrific speaker on the subject.”
Lee Kopp
Director of Marketing, Ballet San Jose