Ron Evans: Strategic Advisor, Consultant, Author & SpeakerRon Evans: Strategic Advisor, Consultant, Author & SpeakerRon Evans: Strategic Advisor, Consultant, Author & Speaker
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Search the web for ways to increase revenue and improve organizational effectiveness, and you’ll find thousands of shady sites promising instant results. But customer relationships aren’t built on gimmicks.

The truth is that your organization already has what it needs to dramatically increase revenues and customer satisfaction: You.

What’s missing is a systematic way to understand and change the ways your organization and your customers are behaving.

That’s where Ron Evans steps in.

Ron Evans dramatically improves individual and organizational performance. He is the trusted strategic advisor to some of the world’s most impactful organizations.

Typical Client Results

  • Increased positive brand perception: When you are an object of interest, new supporters are drawn to you.
  • Increased revenues: Programs that were limping along start generating real revenue.
  • Increased philanthropic support: Donors give on the first ask, not the seventh.
  • Increased customer loyalty & engagement: Evangelism is fueled by deepening emotional connections.
  • Reduced “churn”: You finally stop hemorrhaging customers.
  • Challenged and engaged staff: Staff are reenergized and full of suggestions they can’t wait to try.
  • Increased organizational self-sufficiency: As your need for outside support reduces, so do your stress levels.
  • Enhanced understanding of market trends: You see what’s coming, and pivot your strategies seamlessly.
  • Reduced risk in strategic decision-making: Choices seem much easier, and success more easily obtained.
  • Reduced fear of change: Your staff sees the benefits of upcoming changes, and encourages them.

Backed by the latest research, Ron teaches you to become a keen observer of human behavior. With this awareness, he shows you how to design and test interventions that result in radical improvements in areas such as marketing, fundraising, customer experience, loyalty, and integral organizational decisions. In short: you will learn interventions that directly improve your bottom line.

Ron is the go-to advisor for executives, managing directors and creative leaders in need of one-on-one, discreet advice. Along with the increase in your personal capacity, which is priceless, Ron’s interventions routinely result in a 10:1 financial return on the investment in his services. And a lot of thrilled clients.

There are many consultants you can hire to solve a problem for you. But when they leave, their expertise often leaves too. There is a better way: work with Ron to make an investment in your own abilities, and you will succeed in radically improving your business. You’ll enjoy the benefits of new skills and perspective for a lifetime.

Learn more and see if you are a good fit to work with Ron: Get in touch for a conversation.