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Ron Evans’ 2019 Livestream Arts Series: “Rockstar Audience Building”

Join me for “Rockstar Audience Building,” my 6-part in-depth livestream series to teach you how to dramatically — and sometimes outrageously — exceed customer expectations, from first contact with your nonprofit, to becoming loyal supporters who can’t wait to draw others to you.

I design special-topic seminars for both for-profit and non-profit executives and staff. These one-of-a-kind learning opportunities are held in person or online based on the topic and the unique format of the session. Have a question on a seminar below or a special request? Get in touch.

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Previous Events

Looking for access to these prior growth opportunities? Contact me.

Webinar: A Structured Approach to Ticketing & CRM System Selection with Ron Evans

Nonprofit organizations are constantly changing. What you’re doing now may not have been even on the radar 5 years ago. Is your ticketing and CRM vendor still the one that is best matched to your needs? Perhaps you’re in a silly 5-year contract that is about to auto-renew, and you’re wondering what else is out there. This is the webinar for you.

Special Topic Seminar: Ron Evans’ Adding Rocket Fuel To Subscription Sales

For years, the news has been that performing arts subscriptions are tanking. Yes, this is true for many organizations. But not for my clients. In this 60-minute livestream experience, I’ll be personally presenting my strategies for dramatically increasing subscription sales.

The Solo Executive Director: Ron Evans’ Strategies To Save 4 Hours Per Week

Attention nonprofit executive directors..Are you also the marketing director, the development director, and more all rolled into one? You’re a “Solo Executive Director,” and optimizing your process will have enormous impact. Join me as I personally present this upcoming teleconference for 60 minutes, and I’ll show you how to save 4 hours of work each week.

Special-Topic Seminar: Beyond Customer Satisfaction To Creating Delight

We all know that customer satisfaction is important. But research has shown that what really creates happy and loyal customers is when they feel an emotional sense of delight about you and your brand. Delighted customers remember special experiences; they stick to your brand and champion it to all who will listen. And their enthusiasm is infectious. In this livestreamed session, strategic advisor Ron Evans will explore the key psychological differences between satisfaction and delight, share experiments and case studies showing how delight increases revenue, and outline a framework for you to add opportunities for delight into your customer experiences. You’ll walk away prepared to implement quick changes to create new space for delight to blossom.

Special topic seminars are announced on a rolling basis, so check back or sign up to receive info via email.

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